What we do, and why we do it

LED flashlights can be small, quite bright and very efficient. With the constant improvements in LED technology, we will see even smaller, brighter and more efficient flashlights as well. Fine, and good, but there is more to a great flashlight—design, fit, and quality spring to mind for me.

I've always enjoyed well designed and crafted objects, whether purely utilitarian like a fork, or something more frivolous, such as a pair of gold earrings. Today, I am lucky to be able to try my own hand at designing and making custom LED flashlights. I have my own Swiss lathe and enough software tools to allow me to design and make simple flashlights. But I also enjoy making lights from myriad materials--aluminum, brass, copper, stainless steel, titanium, Mokume Gane, carbon Damascus, and stainless steel Damascus.

While I enjoy making one-of-kind, or custom lights to a customer's specifications, I occasionally have a design that I put into production, i.e., I have the bodies machined by a local CNC machine shop and then I will complete the assembly and list the lights for sale here, or through various dealers around the world. Dealer inquiries are welcome, by the way. Please see the Lights for Sale menu.

Custom Task LightThe photos on this page depict some of the custom lights that I have made, and more are shown under the Custom Light menu. I also offer LEDs and some flashlight components for sale to those who like to modify, or build, their own flashlights—please see the Components menu. If you have a design that you would like to have made, please contact me via e-mail, or by phone at 413-530-5315; note we are located in Massachusetts.