Components For Sale

Many flashlight owners modify their LED flashlights or convert an incandescent flashlight to one with an LED. These owners need a variety of components to make this possible. We stock LEDs, optics, reflectors, drivers, lenses, and switches designed to make such modifications.

We prefer to offer components from well respected suppliers, such as Philips Lumileds, Seoul Semiconductor, IMS, Khatod, Fraen, and Arctic Silver. However, many components come from specialty suppliers, especially electrical products; we carry LED drivers by Wayne Yamaguchi and Mike Jordan.

All items include shipping and handling. You may combine LEDs to get the lower pricing, e.g., order 3 UX1J stars and 2 UW0K emitters and take the 5-9 pricing for both LEDs.

Khatod 28mm Reflectors for the Seoul P7 -- stippled only

  • $5 each, one to four pieces,
  • $4.50 each, five or more pieces

Khatod Optics for the Seoul P4

  • 20mm - $4 each
  • 25mm - $5 each

Khatod Stippled Reflector for the Seoul P4

  • 17mm - $4 each
  • 20mm - $4 each

Ledil Reflectors for the Luminus SST LEDs

  • Lily-M: 13 degree beam angle with SST-90
  • Lily-M: 15 degree beam angle with SST-50
  • Compact dimensions, D=22.6mm & H=13.6mm
  • $5 each for 1-4 pieces
  • $4.50 each for 5-9 pieces
  • $4 each for ten or more pieces

IMS Reflectors -- 17, 20 and 27mm in stock

  • 17 or 20mm reflectors:
  • One for $5
  • Five for $20.

NX05 Optic -- in stock

  • One for $5.
  • Five for $20.

Carclo 26.5mm Optic & Holder (30mm) for Luminus Devices' SST-90, or Cree MC-E

  • $5 each.

Carclo Optics (your choice of 6 or 15 degree optic; may mix to achieve the five-for price)-- in stock

  • $5 each
  • Five for $15
Optics specs:
Carclo: 19.7mm diameter, 9.9mm height
NX05: 19.7mm diameter, 11.2mm height
Khatod 20mm: 19.7mm diameter, 10.45mm height
Khatod 25mm: 24.8mm diameter, 14.4 height to base of LED, 18.4mm height to bottom of stakes

Arctic Silver Products

  • Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Thermal Compound, 3.5 Gram Tube Price: $7.90
  • Arctic Silver 5 High-Density Thermal Compound, 12-Gram Tube Price: $19.75
  • Arctic Silver Ceramique High-Density Thermal Compound, 2.5-Gram Tube Price: $4.00
  • Arctic Alumina Ceramic Thermal Compound, 1.75-Gram Tube Price: $3.75
  • Arctic Alumina Thermal Adhesive (two-part Epoxy), set of two tubes at 2.5gms each Price: $7.50 per set
  • Arctic Silver Thermal Adhesive (two-part epoxy), set of two tubes at 3.5gms each Price: $14.25 per set
For complete details on these products, please visit the Arctic Silver website.

Minimum order: $20.00, please.

All shipped uninsured, but postpaid via First Class Mail --foreign orders please add $2 per order. Orders for $30 or more are sent with Delivery Confirmation. For insurance or other mail service, please PM. Any loss do to non-delivery by the Post Office will be your responsibility, unless you have paid for insurance.

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PayPal with credit card to: fanatic (at)

Since PayPal often does not forward your payment details, please send an e-mail to fanatic (at) detailing what you are ordering.

If you prefer to have a PayPal Invoice sent to you, please send me an e-mail at: fanatic (at), with a list of what you want in the Notes Section. I will then e-mail the invoice to you.