Custom Designed Flashlights

The joy of designing a light, making it and sending it to the new owner can be both exhilarating and deflating; exciting because you know that it is a beautiful and unique light, but depressing because it is no longer yours.

I enjoy working with my customer to design a light that meets all of his/her needs, and is, hopefully, well-made and attractive. The process involves choosing from many options which are then modeled for the customer's review. Such custom LED flashlights are made from any machinable material--aluminum, brass, stainless steel, copper, Titanium, Damascus and Mokume Gane, to cite a few.

Using the menu at the left, you can view a variety of custom lights that I have produced over the last few years. I don't make many each year, but I am accepting new commissions; prices start at $500 for a custom light, and depending on the selected material, size and complexity, can be as much as $1,000, or more. Please e-mail, or call me at 413-530-5315, if you would like to discuss a light.