Custom Double-Grooved Titanium Light

Another commission where the guidelines from the customer were pretty open-ended: Titanium, a rechargeable CR123 battery, and the rest was left to me.

I opted to use a fairly simple design—two intersecting grooves--but they had to be properly spaced to provide some grip to the surface, as it was a twisty. The close-up shows the little ridges between the grooves, that provided the grip. Note that the lengths of the ridges varied along the length of the light.

On the front of the light, I installed some Silicon Nitride balls, which not only protect the front of the light, but also created a gap where light could peek through, if the user were to set the light down and forget to shut it off!

Close-up of the light poking through the gaps created by the ball bearings. The surface of the light was highly polished, creating numerous reflective surfaces and providing a very sensual experience as well.