Custom Kuukuu Mokume Gane Killer

I have wanted to make a light from Mokume Gane for some time, but finding round stock has always been a problem, until recently. This light was my introduction into machining and finishing Mokume Gane and it was a 'learning experience', to be sure.

My original intent was to have the nickel highly polished and shiny, with the copper being darker, to provide a nice contrast. But I soon learned that I really did not know how to properly apply the patina solution, so it turned both metals dark. After a bit of sanding and reapplying the patina solution, the light has a well-worn, antique look to it, as seen above. Fortunately, the customer liked it.

The Kuukuu Mokume Killer has a 90mA driver and a five-die LED, which provides a nice even beam.